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New Advertisers

We are looking for additional sponsors and advertisers. If you are interested in advertising your business or services on this page then please do contact us using the email link below.

Our popularity continues to grow and as we are attracting new visitors daily you'll have the opportunity to promote your business to a national and international audience of people who love all things British.

New Categories

As well as adding more content to each of the current categories, for example we know we need to add a lot more Further Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, we also have plans to add many more categories. We are well aware that there are some obvious ommisions and we are working energetically to include these as soon as possible. Top of our list of Categories to include next are: Gardens; Fashion and British TV Classics - to name just a few.

However, if we get strong support for other categories we will certainly consider their inclusion and prioritize our release schedule accordingly.

New Photography

We are very grateful to everyone who has made, and continues to make, photographic images available for re-use either as Public Domain or through Creative Commons licencing on services such as Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons, geograph or flickr. Without these facilities we simply could not have to put together a website of this scale. We continually review these services for new subjects we would like to include. We also look for photographs that may be an improvement on the images we are already displaying and so, from time to time, we may replace some of the existing images with new photography if we believe this will enhance the website user's experience.

Work in Progress

There is a lot of further content we plan to add to this website and we are always interested to hear about things we have missed or potential content that we might not have even heard of!

In some cases we may have missed off some useful further information links and we would certainly like to add more embedded videos to the site. What is very important to us though is that we identfy content of the right quality. Videos do really help bring some subjects to life but there are challenges as well. Copyright surrounding videos can be a complex area, particularly with regard to soundtrack music and it is not always possible to ascertain for certain whether a YouTube contributor has obtained appropriate permissions. We go to a lot of trouble on this site to respect copyright and Creative Commons attribution rights and so, when in doubt, we do not use content that we believe may be in breach of copyright. Please see our Notice and Takedown Policy for more information on this subject.

How to 'Let Us Know'

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