Best British Food & Drink Retailers

Introduction to the Best British Food & Drink Retailers

The big picture in food shopping over recent years in Britian has been about supermarket domination and convenience store creep. With the increasing consumer demand for quality produce however, ‘real’ food as distinct from mass-produced and flavourless offerings that had become typical, has become a driving force for change in Britain’s food retailing sector.

From retailers dedicated to organic produce, to makers of products with protected designations, from farmers' markets to high-end food emporiums, the British food retailing proposition is becoming ever more distinctive.

Bettys Cafe Tea Rooms

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Enlightened retailers are adding value by offering demonstrations of how their produce is made. You can watch cheesemaking, baking and brewing if you want to appreciate the raw materials and the skills that go into the finished product seen on the shelf. In fact, you can spend hours enjoying the immersive food shopping experience at the renowned Borough Market in London or Blacker Hall Farm Shop in Wakefield. Food shopping has become an entertainment and an education as well as an aesthetic pleasure, especially where free tasting samples are involved!

We have selected our food retailers for their in-shop ambience and customer experience as well as the heritage of the products and specialist knowledge available. This means we have been able to feature the small family business as well as the internationally recognised retailers, and can therefore include small independents as well as the luxury food halls. Some of the retailers we have featured are the retail outlets for exclusive products of Great British provenance with protected status, and many occupy premises where the products have been made for not just years, but centuries, often by generations of the same family!

Paxton & Whitfield


Our retailers are geographically diverse, especially reflecting the importance of buying at source where the conditions are ideal for production. Why go anywhere else than the Cheddar Cheese Company in Cheddar, Somerset, or Ye Olde Pork Pie Shoppe in Melton Mowbray? Buy your pasty from one of the reputable makers in Cornwall and a Bakewell pudding at a shop in the eponymous Bakewell in Derbyshire.

In we have featured some of these products and also some of the British brands that have endured for their quality and consistency, many for over a century, by staying true to their original ingredients and recipes.

Please browse our gallery of selected Great British food retailers above for inspiration and enjoyment, and click to find useful information and links to help you locate and visit them.