Best British Transport & Journeys

Introduction to the Best British Transport & Journeys

Linked to romance, adventure and discovery as they are, journeys are a rich seam for literature, cinema and music, providing the reader or the audience with a glimpse of the glamour or excitement in their own moment of escapism.

No wonder the chance to participate in iconic travelling experiences is so in demand. What could be more thrilling than landing on a sandy beach in a light aircraft, or as indulgent as a luxury train tour through the highlands of Scotland, or easing your way through a tranquil waterway through the heart of Britain on a narrowboat.

The Great British journeys we have featured in have in common a sense of privilege. That is not to say they are all priced in the 5 star range, far from it in fact. A ferry trip across the Mersey is within most peoples’ budgets. The principle for our selections is in the anticipation and enjoyment of experiencing something authentic or rooted in history and collective British culture.

Ferry Across The Mersey


It has sometimes been observed that when travelling, time itself seems to move at a different pace. This perception might come from the number and variety of new experiences that come along when on a journey. Or it might come from the sense of being disjointed from the world in a vacuum passing through it such as a high speed train. Either way, the pleasure on the journey is all about being in the present, which is such an elusive place when so much of modern life is driven by hectic schedules and twentyfour-seven media.

While some of our featured modes of transport are indeed historic, (the Snowdon mountain railway has been hauling up to the summit of Wales’ highest peak since 1896), the more modern, up to date and technologically advanced have not been forgotten. The London Eye ferris wheel joined the city skyline in 2000 and is the most popular tourist attraction in the UK. While the record breaking high speed, long distance Eurostar train set a new benchmark for rail travel everywhere.



There are hundreds of quotations from historians, philosophers and popular writers, covering the spiritual enlightenment that can come from the experience of travelling or going on a journey, Bill Bryson and Dr Seuss among them! Here’s one to remember from Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson.

'For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move.'

Please browse our gallery of selected great British Transport and Journeys above for inspiration and enjoyment, and click on each of the images to find more useful information and links to help you plan your journeys.