Best Places To Visit In The UK

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Best of British places to visit

How do I find the best places to visit?

What does this page do?

This page provides a way of finding all of the best quintessentially British places to visit within a particular geographic area. Use it to find great British things to do wherever you are visiting. You can do this for specific Categories or multiple Categories and over a range of distances. Want to find out "What is Best of British near me right now?" you can do that as well by making use of the Current Location button.

Pre-defined 'Best Places To Visit' Buttons

To make things very simple there are four pre-defined query buttons just underneath the search input fields. These allow you to search for all Categories in London, Edinburgh, Scotland or England. Actually 'England' should read 'England and Wales' but we had to leave off the ' and Wales' part to keep the buttons all the same size. You can use these buttons to run predefined queries without having to enter any seach criteria. Pressing the button will enter the required criteria for you automatically. Having run one of these predefined queries you can easily refining the criteria further to meet your specific needs. e.g. reduce the Categories selected, but note, you'll then have to press the Execute Search button to run this new specific query.

Setting up the search criteria

Before we can perform a manual search to find places to visit we need to let the website know a few things to establish some search criteria.

The first of these is where we are going to centre the search area. To do this you can either enter a Location or simply press the "Current Location" button to let the website use your current physical location. i.e. the what is "near me" option. This latter approach requires that you have Location Services available to your browser and that you specifically authorise the website to make use of these services. Some people have concerns about Location Services being used to track them. Believe us when we say we don't know who you are and we are not in the least bit interested in tracking you! If you do have concerns though you can simply enter a location name and the search will work just as well. You can be quite flexible in your location naming approach and Google Maps, which we use to find the co-ordinates of the location, will do its best to work out where you mean. If at first you don't get quite exactly what you were looking for then you can add more detail. e.g. "Stamford Bridge" and "Stamford Bridge, Chelsea" will come up as two very different locations!

The second element of search criteria we require is which Categories you want to include. If you click on the Select Categories field a drop down menu will appear listing all of the available options. You must select at least one option and can select as many as you like. To make things a little easier there are also two buttons available to "Select All" the Categories at once or alternatively to "Unselect" all the Categories.

The final element of search criteria required is the range i.e. the distance over which the search will take place. Again if you click on the Set Range field a drop down menu will appear and you must select one of the available options. Choosing a different option automatically unselects the previous option. The search area will be based on a circle with a radius equal to the range and centred at the co-ordinates of the entered location.

Executing the search

A search is only performed when the "Execute Search" button is pressed. Once pressed The Best of British Directory is checked to see which great British places are in range and then the locations for these are plotted on a dynamic map by making use of Google Maps. The images for each of the best of British places are also displayed in a gallery underneath the map and, just as on the other category pages, clicking on any of these images will take you to each of the individual entry's Photo page. The first 26 of the images are labelled with the letters of the alphabet and correspond to the location labels on the dynamic map. If there are more than 26 locations identified within the search these are still shown but are simply labelled with a black dot.

Dynamic map

The map is dynamic. i.e. you can zoom in and out to focus in on specific areas and see the underlying map details. You can also click on each of the location pointers and reveal an image of the best of British places to which the location marker relates. Clicking on this image will also take you to the individual entry's Photo page. It is sometimes useful to zoom in to reveal individual markers. When there are a number of markers in close proximity it is very easy for one marker to obsure another. In a few cases there are some entries which appear in more than one category (e.g. the Natural History Museum appears in both Museums and Architecture) and therefore there can be multiple markers in exactly the same location.

Scrolling through the best places to visit

If you have arrived at a Photo page from one of the Category galleries then you can scroll through the Photos for that Category by using the display next or previous photo buttons. You can find the display next or previous photo buttons in the top left and right of each photo (alternatively you can simply swipe left or right on a mobile device). When you arrive at a Photo page from this page then you can scroll through the rest of the places identified in the search in the same way. i.e. you don't need to go come back to this page to select the next photo.