About Us

Who are we?

Browzz.uk is provided by Red Kite Projects Limited, a small company with big ideas! We are a completely independent operation, based in the North of England. We have a passion for all things Quintessentially British and want to make it easier for others to enjoy the best of what Britain has to offer.

What is the purpose of the Best of British Directory?

In our globalized world, major corporations wield massive marketing budgets and so its easy to become blinded by the brands that are promoted the most. While some of these brands may be worthy, others may not. The products and services they offer do not survive the test of time if they lack an enduring quality and may only achieve prominence by being unavoidable.

The Best of British Directory aims to look beyond the marketing budget and identify those things that are of genuinie quality and value. We want to make visible the things that epitomise the best characteristics of Britishness and we take a great deal of care and time to select what we believe to be the very 'Best of British'. The criteria we use to define the 'Best of British' does not mean we are limited to only showcasing the most elite and the most expensive of things. We value greatly the things that have real heritage, quality, exemplify our diversity and ingenuity, and in many cases demonstrate our British regard for providing true value for money.

We are not funded by any of the companies or institutions we feature in Browzz.uk and therefore not open to favourtism and bias. This does mean we need to display relevant advertising to support the costs of the website but we hope their inclusion only adds to the value, and your enjoyment, of this website.

Where can I find instruction on how to use this website?

On the Home page, underneath the gallery section, is an introductory section that explains all about the website, its content and how to navigate the website using the buttons that have been provided. You can quickly scroll to this section by pressing the "Intro" button at the top of page and correspondingly you can return to the gallery section by simply pressing the "Gallery" button.

Can I make use of the images?

It depends! Some of the images on this website are subject to copyright and all rights have been reserved. Browzz.uk has obtained specific permission to show these images and they are not, under any circumstances, available for re-use. Such images are clearly marked with a copyright symbol - - and the author/owner's name. These images cannot be copied, modified or distributed without obtaining the appropriate permissions and licensing from the original author/owner.

However, we do endeavour to make use of photographic imagery that is released under Creative Commons licences wherever possible and these are denoted by use of the Creative Commons symbol - .

You can copy, modify, distribute, and use the images under Creative Commons licence, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission but if you do, you must provide the necessary attribution to the owner. Please note however that image content may still be protected by trademarks, publicity or privacy rights so you are responsible for obtaining any such permissions. See the attribution line under each picture for Copyright or Creative Commons licensing information.

As we optimise image sizes for online performance, we recommend using the links within the attribution line to locate the original image source and, in all probability, versions of a higher resolution. For more information on Use of Images please refer to our Terms of Service.

How can I raise a copyright issue?

Please refer to our Notice and Takedown Policy.

Debt of gratitude

We are particularly indebted to our friends at Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons, geograph and flickr for their provision of freely available photographic images under Creative Commons licensing. We strongly urge all of our users to follow these links and to make use of, and where appropriate donate to, these fantastic organisations.