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Browzz.uk is a website dedicated to showcasing the best of what Britain has to offer, simply put 'a very British website'.

Discovering the Best of British

This website is for every anglophile who wants to know more about British culture, traditions, heritage, customs, national preferences and peculiarities! The UK is an amazing place with a rich history, inspiring architecture, stunning scenery, and world-renowned companies and brands. The UK has always been at the forefront of the music, comedy and arts scenes, been breathtaking in its pageantry and sometimes unfathomable in its eccentricity.

This website aims to be informative and educational, providing carefully curated content, all combined with a simple tool for finding out what is "near me" or in a particular location. While entertaining just on its own, Browzz.uk is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to experience things that are Quintessentially British. It is great for planning holidays or day trips whether for British people widening their own experiences or the many millions of people who visit this country each year from abroad.

A Curated Collection of the Best of British

These days you can research anything yourself on the internet but with the high volume of information available you can spend a long time searching for the best examples of the things you are interested in. Britain's heritage is vast. In the words of Bill Bryson - "There isn't anywhere in the world with more to look at in a smaller space". At Browzz.uk our team have taken the time to research and select a curated collection of content that is high quality and quintessentially British. This covers a range of subjects, from architecture to art galleries and restaurants to retailers, and presents them in an easy to use way, whatever your technology platform. We are highly selective and true to our ethos to showcase only what has stood the test of time and good taste so we hope you enjoy them! There is more to see, we know, but at least you can admire and hopefully will visit the many subjects we have included within Browzz.uk.

Galleries of Great British Things

The website is structured around a set of gallery pages, each with their own individual introduction section. You are reading the Home page introduction section now! Click the "Intro" button at the top of the page to be scrolled to the start of the introduction section. Press the "Gallery" button to be scrolled to the beginning of the gallery section. The Home page gallery lists each of the individual categories of gallery that are available and within each of the individual galleries are listed specific entries particular to that gallery's subject matter. Clicking on one of these images will take you to specific information about that entry. Also available is a very useful "Locate Places of Interest" page that provides a simple way of finding out what entries are "near me" or near a particular location. All the time the website is easily navigable using the many buttons that are listed below.

Calendar of Great British Events

The website also provides a calendar of Great British Events. i.e. all the events contained in categories Eccentric, Calendar, Major and Sporting Events. To access this simply click on the calendar button at the top of each page or click on this link here: Great British Calendar Events

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We are backing the UK

It has never been more important to back the UK. British companies and brands may be world-renowned but the global economy is becoming ever more competitive. The UK can never succeed against developing countries in the mass production of cheap goods, but we have always succeeded in innovation, quality, high standards of business and trustworthiness. It is these qualities that have made the UK one of the most successful economies in the world and maintaining our position in the world will be highly dependent on promoting and marketing these attributes. We hope that in a small way this website helps promote Britain as both a holiday destination and a place to do business and to further support this we make use of our #QuintessentiallyBritish, #BackingTheUK and #BestOfBritish hashtags across all of our social media activity.